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Talkative + Megative = Situation

August 11, 2007

 I have been a lot skeptical about writing some things down especially when a senior colleague of mine will always warn me that whatever I write online has a serious effect on the International community (no be wetin person dey write for?) anyway as long something happens, then someone must talk regardless of the outcome.

Finally I have decided to start a space for me and all of us aloneJ. I will simply debut with an explanation of the small algebra in my header. The first Nigerian President even though na ceremonial, Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe is one man that I respect a lot especially when it concerns the creation of words, not with big grammar but with our own Indigenous language.

There was this story that in one of the meetings with the colonial masters in those days, Zik told the British that, a broken bottle has no mekwatarism drop that dictionary! I will explain; in Igbo language, Mmekwata means hope to repair now Big bros simply remove the first M for easy pronunciation and simply adds rism to make it frame like other words in that category like; comparism, federalism, nepotism e.t.c that is creativity (if you like make you gree I don talk my own).To the subject of the day, Okwukwu in Igbo language simply means talking and Mégã means doing (if you like change your own) now if there is talkative for talk, why not megative for Mégã. Now you understand that from that blog header, if people do and another talk, then a situation arises.

That is what OKWUKWU is about – creating situations that lead to solutions.

 Stay tuned…