Twenty Naija


A quick  look at latest-additions to the Naira family simply brings a major thought into your mind; this Twenty Naira must be special. Looking at its distinguishing features like; Ruggedity, National colour, CBN official Logo, crispy nature et al. one cannot help but conclude that this particular note must be of certain importance to the developer as well as the people it is meant to serve.

One of this important motives came up recently when the governor of the Central bank of Nigeria; professor Chukwuma Soludo announced a new currency reform,Under the revaluation and subtraction as well as addition of zeros and dots,  behold our Twenty naira was proposed as highest denomination from the last quarter of 2008. Even though the federal government has moved to stop the bid, it was clear that our beloved N20 denomination was a prominent figure.

To the populace, it is evident that is the most popular denomination that suffers most of squeezing, folding, spending, exchange etc. The twenty Naira has a lot of people to thank for all the trouble, mentioning a few; market women [ who squeeze and multi-fold them in bid to retire the currency into the perceived most secure bank:)… (I no talk O!) ], school children have pegged their lunch money at N20 therefore they get this every morning, churches [even though a lot of clerics say their God is not a poor God, most offerings are donated on N20 basis, Occasions [ with our money spraying attitude, N500 worth of twenty naira denominations can buy you at least ten minutes of dance-floor fame, not forgeting our egunje ogas [you sabi them now?] who have made it a standard for passage. But this N20 strong.

Now to the issue of today, I just disembarked from a danfo (commercial Bus) that caused a lot of traffic behind it because the engine suddenly went off and people had to push it to safety.On discovering that fuel shortage was the cause of his problem, the conductor quickly produced a can of Petrol (PMS) and made for the fuel tank, I watched in amazement as he did not have any funnel or decanting material. Well, just as I was about to ask him,he fished out a paper stuff and in no time he had finished the fuel transfer, lo and behold he has just used the TWENTY NAIRA NOTE as funnel.

what else won’t this N20 see. So I keep asking, is there nothing we can do to protect this darling denomination that has cost a lot of tax payer’s money to produce?


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