African Politics of War


What a way to start the New Year. But I will of course acknowledge the emergence of this wonderful year. But it has not been so for our brothers and sisters in Kenya, who incidentally have been watching their sides since the results of the Kenyan National elections were announced. As I stayed up late last night, concluding New year propositions and projections for, Myself and PIN, the news just came on air. I was paralyzed, couldn’t think straight and I kept wondering why our differences cannot be resolved with dialogue and why we have to hold on to power at all means. I am also confused at the fact that we cannot conduct – seemingly credible elections. Over the last few months the Nigeria national elections has been under heavy criticism even though there was no break down of law and order.

The Situation in Kenya is out of hand, according to

Davis Wendi ;

In Uganda, the immediate help needed is for the Kenyan refugee children and women who are now resident on the streets of Mbale, Tororo, Malaba and BusiaTowns of Uganda. The families, who could afford, have taken over all the hotels in these towns. Those who could not afford have to struggle on the streets and by the day, it is becoming harder.
This situation caught the Ugandan Immigration authorities by surprise and the there is no definite number of refugees known, yet they continue crossing into the country from Western Kenya. A Member of Parliament (known to me) from Tororo expressed fears that this situation of the refugees could get worse.
Those who have relatives and friends in Uganda have also gotten some accommodation but given the dire situation in which Uganda’s economy has been hit by scarcity of fuel (petrol and diesel) as a result of the close of Kenyan roads on which this fuel is ferried to Uganda, it is not know how
long the current hospitality will last. Scarcity is now creating some chaos to the transport system in Uganda. Fuel prices shot up by over 500% in some parts of Uganda’s capital. Consequently very many vehicles have been grounded. Uganda currently has no national reserves of fuel, what was there a few months ago had been sold to Shell and Hared oil companies. But these companies claim the reserve tanks had been emptied before Christmas time and they never thought there would have been chaos in Kenya.
We hope the fuel situation does not lead to closure of some Mobile telecom base stations that are powered using diesel.

There have also been reports that people in towns outside Nairobi have been starving as a result of closing down of shops and an estimated 75,000 people have nowhere to stay as a result of their homes being demolished as ethnic violence went on the rise.

We do not know how long this will last but I think neighbouring east African countries really need to be equiped to cope with the surge of migrants as a result of the chaos in Kenya.


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