Rubbin Minds

I was just having a little chat with a friend after we all came back from the same type of weekend. As if we bargained for the same thing, our weekend is yet to end especially for mine which of course will stretch for a few more days. We were trying to make projections for 2008 and try to articulate our dreams and where we are currently standing.

 When we met sometime in December discussing the same issue, we were all glad 2007 was ending and things looked good for the coming year. Then the Nuhu Ribadu’s study leave came on, we also lost a very close pal on December 30 after a prolonged illness. As if that wasn’t all the Violence in Kenya; then I realized what it felt like to have someone on the other side when things are really hot there. We prayed, sent messages and put across phone calls hoping the violence gets curtailed before it is too much. Mediations by Nobel laureates; Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Koffi Annan helped douse the flame and the Safari land was calm again. Suddenly we also lost a very promising young friend after a little illness; he was an entrepreneur of repute and already had a wife and children.

 The once hopefully prosperous year has of course started with a lot of hassles, confusions and losses. As my folks from the southeast keep trooping back top Lagos after the Christmas break – I’m looking forward to the entire hot gist from the various re-unions that held across the extended families. A couple of my colleagues at the National Service scheme are also not settled, some without a place of primary assignment others do not have their salaries reflected in their accounts and a whole lot service issues. But last night I sat up late trying to figure out the sudden confusion (I thought I new where mine came from) but na lie!, I don’t know. I then fell into a small dream, instead of my usual dreams (a world leader solving problems), I was sitting with someone that really looked like me who refused to tell me his name, and he said to me, “this year will continue to confuse “us” until we can win the first quarter”. Now I am confused at the “us” because I really do not know him.

 My conclusion is simply that the year will spring a lot of surprises, like a cloudy morning in early March.



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