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Passion an Statistics

February 1, 2008

At AJegunle

I had started writing this piece about five (5) times but I just haven’t been able go on, maybe because at the middle I always tell myself its of no  use but events in the last few days have actually prompted me to always visit this uncompleted document – please don’t ask me where I started J In the last few days I have been able to mix the grill in the manner of the legendary great of duke of York (though I can’t say if he is real or myth) who marched his men to the top of the hill and marched them down again, and when they were up they were up… for those of us that finished kindergarten we know the rest. But in this case the march is taking place in the brain of a lot of young people probably in or fresh out of college with so much passion and supposed will to conquer. Now I am not talking about the usual guy/lady who leaves college without a plan or career focus, I am talking about a person, maybe not clearly but who has a vivid imagination of what he wants to do.

As I review the CVs of some graduates who have been offered an opportunity to intern in one of (from own judgment) the best equipped and standard investment outfits in West Africa. Yes, these young people are equipped with basic management skills and are eager to learn but I can’t help wondering if they will feel the way I feel each time I walk into this kind of posh and organised environment, make a few serious decisions but have to get back to face the real issues – the statistics. Your passion will always fire you up and you will keep going because of your resolve but then how about those close and friendly strangers, who of course have understood your dream because of your adept communication skills but fail to understand your real statistics as an individual. They judge you by your; looking good policy – even though you have only two (presentable shirts), the number of international travels you made– even though you plan each trip on debit, they judge you by the calibre of people you meet everyday – even though all you are sure of is goodwill. They will always tell you they understand and support  your dreams but right at the bottom of their minds, they don’t understand jack – They are just hanging in there running out of patience and hoping you will live up to what you said you will do.

Now the big question is, how long are they supposed to wait? Help you with transport fare? Feed you? Pay the rent? Etc. In some cases they simply face you and tell it to your face, while some will keep hanging in just to make sure you do not give any excuse. If your case is in the first bracket, then I consider you lucky because in no time you will “need air so much and push the old man away” but if you fall into the second phase then you might need extra strength to break off. There is also another very interesting group – your professional associates. They quite well understand your situations and they seem to know where you are headed to, but their own statistics also do not permit them to do so much to help you, yet you are supposed to deliver based on the assumption that you have a backbone. It is the scare of being caught in this trap that has led most young people to taking up low pay jobs or businesses that will give daily bread instead of creating sustainable solutions.

One can therefore say that, in order to live our passions and stay true to the career of our choice as well as live in our desired world without feeling like a burden at any point in our lives, we should plan and strive towards a basic sustainable income generator as soon as one can reason. This should be cultivated into young people as soon as they leave elementary school. The plan is not to make money, but to generate sustainability even when you suddenly have to switch lanes. It is my clear belief that if this is in place, then a lot of businesses will not suddenly fail, there will be little or no gestation periods for new businesses and young people will move from survival to sustainability. Unfortunately some people are already caught in the web and I think a way out is to create a survival mechanism that will not derail you from the main picture. Hoping I have told the story of so many people and that we will be looking at more businesses with steady growth as well as comfortable career chasers.