An unusual topic! you can be excused if you say that. Mistake: might also sound permissible but “Alert” will most likely score the highest grade. Put a call through to this number and you will get the usual auto response created by hard ware and signal traffic from mobile equipments when the base stations are either congested or could not communicate. It could have been shorter but survival and innovation in the midst of all odds has always been the mark of successful entrepreneurs in Nigeria, especially if you tilt towards the social side. It could have been any network, choice was based on product availability at time of purchase not necessarily reach, colour or loyalty.

08133004000 is not just a phone number, it is a mouth piece for Nigerian education community,  talking into encompassing sound equipment called www.campusdailyonline.com . To the average internet citizens of the world, it is an eye into the minds of our tertiary institutions and in future they will hope it never stops working. While using it is a simple process, reading it is simpler. The interface slides down continuously, 160 characters of gossip, fresh news rolling in from all the campuses around Nigeria. All the user needs to do is simple “go about their normal businesses” like security agents will always advice, and as soon as you see anything that catches your attention on campus, you feel you want to celebrate or rant to the fullest but you don’t want to form a scene, you can make your rant more efficient by simply converting all your excitement into 160 characters and send to 08133004000. Then turn on your internet on your mobile and read same story immediately. The school logo is automatically linked if the contributors affix the unique school codes to his/her message.

The entries come in and are published raw as they come, but there also exist 24-7 dedicated monitors who will not allow profanity, libel or messages that may disturb public peace to be rolled into the spin. And for your pocket, it remains almost the same because you get charged same rates as usual sms you send to other numbers. This was carefully thought out considering the fact that the student community will not be able to pay the usual revenue driven rates by platforms such as this. User friendliness and ease of access was paramount in the minds of the team at Campus Daily Online while developing this amazing product. We expect a couple of modifications and improvements in future but this will be communicated through direct interactions.

Another interesting feature of Social Gist is that contributors are also prompted by the moderators to start discussions on a particular topic; heating up at the moment is the ongoing industrial actions across institutions of higher learning in Nigeria.

NO SIGN UP!!!!!  JUST SEND IT!!!  08133004000

Another first from Campus Daily Online, Nigeria premiere educational news portal


4 Responses to “08133004000”

  1. Bolanle Fasokun Says:

    What about those of us who are not in the campus setting? Please?

    • okwukwu Says:

      It is an opportunity for you to know what is happening there and of course you can always make comments on issues concerning education. A proper way for you to get through to the education sector

  2. David Says:

    This is amazing, now we can connect the all the campus in one website. this is what i call ONE STOP SHOP.

  3. Mello V Says:

    Sounds like something needed. Since it’s known that we all like to stay updated and always have something to celebrate or vent this is … A nice outlet. I think i’ll call. 🙂

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