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October 27, 2010

An unusual topic! you can be excused if you say that. Mistake: might also sound permissible but “Alert” will most likely score the highest grade. Put a call through to this number and you will get the usual auto response created by hard ware and signal traffic from mobile equipments when the base stations are either congested or could not communicate. It could have been shorter but survival and innovation in the midst of all odds has always been the mark of successful entrepreneurs in Nigeria, especially if you tilt towards the social side. It could have been any network, choice was based on product availability at time of purchase not necessarily reach, colour or loyalty.

08133004000 is not just a phone number, it is a mouth piece for Nigerian education community,  talking into encompassing sound equipment called . To the average internet citizens of the world, it is an eye into the minds of our tertiary institutions and in future they will hope it never stops working. While using it is a simple process, reading it is simpler. The interface slides down continuously, 160 characters of gossip, fresh news rolling in from all the campuses around Nigeria. All the user needs to do is simple “go about their normal businesses” like security agents will always advice, and as soon as you see anything that catches your attention on campus, you feel you want to celebrate or rant to the fullest but you don’t want to form a scene, you can make your rant more efficient by simply converting all your excitement into 160 characters and send to 08133004000. Then turn on your internet on your mobile and read same story immediately. The school logo is automatically linked if the contributors affix the unique school codes to his/her message.

The entries come in and are published raw as they come, but there also exist 24-7 dedicated monitors who will not allow profanity, libel or messages that may disturb public peace to be rolled into the spin. And for your pocket, it remains almost the same because you get charged same rates as usual sms you send to other numbers. This was carefully thought out considering the fact that the student community will not be able to pay the usual revenue driven rates by platforms such as this. User friendliness and ease of access was paramount in the minds of the team at Campus Daily Online while developing this amazing product. We expect a couple of modifications and improvements in future but this will be communicated through direct interactions.

Another interesting feature of Social Gist is that contributors are also prompted by the moderators to start discussions on a particular topic; heating up at the moment is the ongoing industrial actions across institutions of higher learning in Nigeria.

NO SIGN UP!!!!!  JUST SEND IT!!!  08133004000

Another first from Campus Daily Online, Nigeria premiere educational news portal

Advertisements Alumni Train Over 100 Peers As Another 25 Graduate And More Firms Support Initiative

April 9, 2008

Lagos, March 30, 2008 – On Thursday, March 27, 2008, a new set of twenty-five young people graduated from the project, a train-the-trainer capacity building initiative by Paradigm Initiative Nigeria that uses a positive peer pressure concept to transform Ajegunle. Building on the success of the first set of graduates, who have successful trained one hundred and six (106) peers in basic ICT knowledge, the training modules (as well as training process) were modified to accommodate an additional week of ICT training as well as more support towards the development of a realistic business plan. Three of the project’s graduates have successfully interned with the United Kingdom Trade and Investment Unit (UKTI) of the British Deputy High Commission, Lagos, where they were exposed to work ethics, international trade, networking opportunities as well as an opportunity to apply the skills they acquired during the capacity building program. Two of them have jointly started a Forex Academy in Ajegunle, after receiving a free Forex training at Hands on Institute of Information Technology (HiiT) Lagos.

In line with our desire to increase the number of available internship positions, a breakfast meeting was hosted for the project by the UKTI on February 14, 2008, where eight (8) firms signed up to provide internship opportunities for graduates. The meeting had in attendance, His Excellency, Bob Dewar, British High Commissioner to Nigeria; Peter Stephenson, Director of Trade and Investment, British Deputy High Commission, Lagos and convener of the meeting; Piyush Nair, MD Lornamead Africa; Richard Myerscough, MD Virgin Atlantic Airways; Micheal McTighe, MD, Arik Air; Ike Chioke, DMD, Afrinvest WA; Lebari Ukpong, Director, London Metropolitan University Nigeria Office; Richard Seaver, MD, DHL International Nigeria; Christopher Knight, MD, Standard Chattered Bank Nigeria Limited; ‘Gbenga Sesan, ED, Paradigm Initiative Nigeria and Ugochukwu Nwosu, Program Manager, Following the breakfast meeting, one intern has resumed at UKTI, four (4) interns will resume at Afrinvest WA this month, two (2) others will resume internship at Lornamead Africa, two (2) will resume at Virgin Atlantic and four (4) will also resume at DHL Nigeria. The UK High Commissioner was very impressed with the project and he posted a blog on the day he met with the PIN team. A new intern also resumed at the UKTI on Friday, March 14, 2008. has received tremendous media coverage and has been presented in various for a across the world (Uganda, Ethiopia, Egypt, United Kingdom and Switzerland) as a case study on how ICTs can be used to aid development in underserved communities. The project has also been accepted as one of the projects that will compete in the British Council/Youngstar Foundation Top 12 Youth Works competition. is currently accepting applications for a new set of twenty-five trainees, whose training will commence on May 12, 2008. Paradigm Initiative Nigeria is a social enterprise seeking to help deliver ICT for socio-economic opportunities in Nigeria. PIN staff recently consulted for Harvard University, International Telecommunications Union, Computer Aid International and United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, among others. PIN’s other bottom-up result-oriented programs, delivered in partnership with various institutions and communities, include the Non-Profit Employee Management Program (NEMP), Creating Local Connections West Africa (CLCWA, a TakingITGlobal collaboration), NIGHT Force (an anti-cybercrime initiative) and (a planned social enterprise for artisans).

Ugo Nwosu
Program Manager,
+234 803 74 74 312

Rubbin Minds

January 7, 2008

I was just having a little chat with a friend after we all came back from the same type of weekend. As if we bargained for the same thing, our weekend is yet to end especially for mine which of course will stretch for a few more days. We were trying to make projections for 2008 and try to articulate our dreams and where we are currently standing.

 When we met sometime in December discussing the same issue, we were all glad 2007 was ending and things looked good for the coming year. Then the Nuhu Ribadu’s study leave came on, we also lost a very close pal on December 30 after a prolonged illness. As if that wasn’t all the Violence in Kenya; then I realized what it felt like to have someone on the other side when things are really hot there. We prayed, sent messages and put across phone calls hoping the violence gets curtailed before it is too much. Mediations by Nobel laureates; Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Koffi Annan helped douse the flame and the Safari land was calm again. Suddenly we also lost a very promising young friend after a little illness; he was an entrepreneur of repute and already had a wife and children.

 The once hopefully prosperous year has of course started with a lot of hassles, confusions and losses. As my folks from the southeast keep trooping back top Lagos after the Christmas break – I’m looking forward to the entire hot gist from the various re-unions that held across the extended families. A couple of my colleagues at the National Service scheme are also not settled, some without a place of primary assignment others do not have their salaries reflected in their accounts and a whole lot service issues. But last night I sat up late trying to figure out the sudden confusion (I thought I new where mine came from) but na lie!, I don’t know. I then fell into a small dream, instead of my usual dreams (a world leader solving problems), I was sitting with someone that really looked like me who refused to tell me his name, and he said to me, “this year will continue to confuse “us” until we can win the first quarter”. Now I am confused at the “us” because I really do not know him.

 My conclusion is simply that the year will spring a lot of surprises, like a cloudy morning in early March.


2007 : Me, Myself and Eye

December 31, 2007

2007 was a very eventful year; unarguably the most challenging year since I started doing my washing. It was really a time I had to look for the eastern star, guiding me towards unexpected adventures and as well bringing me face to face with the choice of a long calculated future and a quick blast into perceived success. It was a time I found myself in the craziest of crossroads, trying to relay my dreams to the people I love most, who incidentally were on two sides of the bridge – it was hell. But I persisted, hoping I have made the balance but most importantly I found the road. I’m not giving details of what really transpired, but if you really want to know, then wait the wait until they are ready for public view.

I have decided to capture some of the interesting parts of 2007 in pictures. some of the memorable moments of course are unavoidably absent; times like working as a field officer in the Open Net Initiative research team in Nigeria, as well as working on various PIN consulting works. Also not here my moments at the National Youth Service Corpes Camp in Lagos – the exciting three weeks includes; drills, sports , of which my football team won gold, room arguments as well as crazy moments. And finally, moments at elearning-Africa 2007 and few other speaking engagements.

The few Images below seeks to highlight those people and moments that made news in my life during 2007. To mention but a few; Ahmed Muyideen, Ayo Ojeniyi, Korede Asunni, Temilade Agbaje, Emeka Dim, Esther Uzoh, Eugenia Agbakwuru, Matthew Ibiwoye, Mrs Stella Hunter, Peter Stephenson, Akin Oyeyemi, Bola, Mary Joyce, Anne Musyoki, Gladys Muhunyo, Olisa, Pita, Tochei, Bright Njoku, Ayo Oladejo, Tope Soremi, Edward Popoola, Ndiwe, Bro Tunde, Eloho, Mosun, Tunde Akinbode, NYSC Infotech Corps, Jubril – our security officer and of course most importantly, My (Nwosu) Family, ‘ Gbenga Sesan and Nnenna Nwakamma.







September 12, 2007


It came like a renewed feeling, being proud of Nigeria. Resilient, committed when it matters most, survival against all odds, a few of the qualities we can use to describe a real Nigerian. Real because they do not wake up hoping to succeed by fraudulent means or hope on someone to provide their next meal. Real because they are a pure description of the Lion and Gazelle story, “the lion starts running as soon as he wakes up this goes for the Gazelle because if the Lion is slow there will be no food and if the Gazelle is slow it ends up in the belly of a Lion” that is a real Nigerian.

Two Nigerian soccer teams had two victories on Sunday, September 9, 2007 but one of them has stayed in the headlines, not because the other was less significant, but because it was earned after a stiff fight. Once again Nigeria dominated the whole of the world fighting through Europe on the Asian soil. I think Asia is fast becoming an omen for Nigeria. This same tournament also produced the likes of our own “Papilo” Nwankwo Kanu, Celestine Babayaro, Wilson Oruma, to mention but a few and all the three U-17 Golden victories were on Asian Soil.

Our Eaglets cruised through, France, England, Germany, Spain and their South American counterparts; Argentina and Columbia. The challenges were surmounting, yet they kept moving; first there was team arrival in batches, then shortage of kits and then the coach fell ill all at the door of the championship, but the guys were undaunted. The challenges were tense, they were committed, obedient, like one of them at a reception for them in Lagos, “we were already told what to do in the field and we worked towards it”.

I was deeply touched as I watched a mammoth crowd welcome them in the company of the executive governor of Lagos State, Barrister Babtunde Raji Fashola on arrival at the international wing of Murtala Mohammed International Airport Lagos. They also expected to grace the presidential villa on invitation of President Umaru Musa Yar’adua as is customary. They have simply written their names in gold as long as Nigeria, Africa and world football is concerned. Also not forget some other real Nigerians; our Super Falcons kept their hopes of staying the Women’s world championship alive with a gallant fight and subsequent one all draw against a much sophisticated Swedish side.

Twenty Naija

September 7, 2007


A quick  look at latest-additions to the Naira family simply brings a major thought into your mind; this Twenty Naira must be special. Looking at its distinguishing features like; Ruggedity, National colour, CBN official Logo, crispy nature et al. one cannot help but conclude that this particular note must be of certain importance to the developer as well as the people it is meant to serve.

One of this important motives came up recently when the governor of the Central bank of Nigeria; professor Chukwuma Soludo announced a new currency reform,Under the revaluation and subtraction as well as addition of zeros and dots,  behold our Twenty naira was proposed as highest denomination from the last quarter of 2008. Even though the federal government has moved to stop the bid, it was clear that our beloved N20 denomination was a prominent figure.

To the populace, it is evident that is the most popular denomination that suffers most of squeezing, folding, spending, exchange etc. The twenty Naira has a lot of people to thank for all the trouble, mentioning a few; market women [ who squeeze and multi-fold them in bid to retire the currency into the perceived most secure bank:)… (I no talk O!) ], school children have pegged their lunch money at N20 therefore they get this every morning, churches [even though a lot of clerics say their God is not a poor God, most offerings are donated on N20 basis, Occasions [ with our money spraying attitude, N500 worth of twenty naira denominations can buy you at least ten minutes of dance-floor fame, not forgeting our egunje ogas [you sabi them now?] who have made it a standard for passage. But this N20 strong.

Now to the issue of today, I just disembarked from a danfo (commercial Bus) that caused a lot of traffic behind it because the engine suddenly went off and people had to push it to safety.On discovering that fuel shortage was the cause of his problem, the conductor quickly produced a can of Petrol (PMS) and made for the fuel tank, I watched in amazement as he did not have any funnel or decanting material. Well, just as I was about to ask him,he fished out a paper stuff and in no time he had finished the fuel transfer, lo and behold he has just used the TWENTY NAIRA NOTE as funnel.

what else won’t this N20 see. So I keep asking, is there nothing we can do to protect this darling denomination that has cost a lot of tax payer’s money to produce?


September 1, 2007



Me: Good morning sir.

Blue Guard: Welcome, who do you want?

Me: Sorry, is this where the Trade and Investment Unit reside?

Blue Guard: Ehen! Who do you want?

(Now that looked like a memorized phrase)

Me: We are here to see Peter Stephenson

Blue Guard: Peter Stephenson? Are you on appointment?

Now he was totally dazed, you know what it feels like to be sized up, of course he didn’t see us come down from any big car, no protocol, just two young men walk to the gate and not just ask for the Trade and Investment Unit but also the Director (you are not serious he thinks). In the 4mins of sizing us up, I called him back to reality, by moving the gate and then got his attention. Well after explaining further he asked for my Name and where I came from, I simply gave my Paradigm Initiative Nigeria ID card and he disappeared behind other guards. I think he got the greater shock after putting a call through to the UKTI department because when he came out he had this look of – I wonder what they want here. For me, I had the feeling of fulfillment because the blue guard had an opportunity to have my preview before the main movie

Seriously, we did not go site seeing at the British Deputy High Commission Lagos neither did we go for visa activities. It was Friday August 31, 2007 the mentorship attachment as well as short orientation ceremony for the first Intern who will be attached to the UK Trade and Investment for a one month workplace experience. This is a major part of the UKTI support for the project. After the fourth security check we then wait for a few minutes in the lobby, and then comes the always alert Peter, smiling and announcing that one of his staff is celebrating her birthday, thus we came at the right time to grab a pizza bite.

Well laid office though a lot of renovations going on yet the place looked serene, like Matthew put it, “perfect working environment” I started imagining how he is feeling about his will be office for the next twenty six (26) days. Straight to the open office of the UKTI, we all got introduced, Valerie, Lara, Patricia and of course the Birthday Girl. During all these I just can’t help but imagine the look of satisfaction on Mathew’s face. By the way Matthew is one of the bright students that just graduated as the pioneer set of and was elected on merit after a rigorous interview session as the first grandaunt for the internship. One other final astonishment was Matthew’s would be mentor for the period; she is a combination beauty, strength and intelligence. Patricia Akpotoboro is the Assistant Trade Development Manager at the UK Trade and Investment, someone you want to work with, even a few minutes encounter revealed that to me.

In all I believe this is will be a live changing experience for these young entrepreneurs emerging form the ghetto (Ajegunle) as they go through this monthly ritual one after another. There will always be a selection process since the twenty-five(25) monthly trained cannot participate at the same time, and hoping we can also get other cooperate organisations to provide such opportunities.

Talkative + Megative = Situation

August 11, 2007

 I have been a lot skeptical about writing some things down especially when a senior colleague of mine will always warn me that whatever I write online has a serious effect on the International community (no be wetin person dey write for?) anyway as long something happens, then someone must talk regardless of the outcome.

Finally I have decided to start a space for me and all of us aloneJ. I will simply debut with an explanation of the small algebra in my header. The first Nigerian President even though na ceremonial, Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe is one man that I respect a lot especially when it concerns the creation of words, not with big grammar but with our own Indigenous language.

There was this story that in one of the meetings with the colonial masters in those days, Zik told the British that, a broken bottle has no mekwatarism drop that dictionary! I will explain; in Igbo language, Mmekwata means hope to repair now Big bros simply remove the first M for easy pronunciation and simply adds rism to make it frame like other words in that category like; comparism, federalism, nepotism e.t.c that is creativity (if you like make you gree I don talk my own).To the subject of the day, Okwukwu in Igbo language simply means talking and Mégã means doing (if you like change your own) now if there is talkative for talk, why not megative for Mégã. Now you understand that from that blog header, if people do and another talk, then a situation arises.

That is what OKWUKWU is about – creating situations that lead to solutions.

 Stay tuned…